[sə:v] 1. verb
1) (to work for a person etc eg as a servant: He served his master for forty years.) služiti (komu)
2) (to distribute food etc or supply goods: She served the soup to the guests; Which shop assistant served you (with these goods)?) streči
3) (to be suitable for a purpose: This upturned bucket will serve as a seat.) rabiti
4) (to perform duties, eg as a member of the armed forces: He served (his country) as a soldier for twenty years; I served on the committee for five years.) služiti
5) (to undergo (a prison sentence): He served (a sentence of) six years for armed robbery.) odsedeti
6) (in tennis and similar games, to start the play by throwing up the ball etc and hitting it: He served the ball into the net; Is it your turn to serve?) servirati
2. noun
(act of serving (a ball).) servis
- serving
- it serves you right
- serve an apprenticeship
- serve out
- serve up
* * *
I [sə:v]
sport servis, začetni udarec z žogo pri tenisu, odbojki itd.
II [sə:v]
transitive verb
služiti, delati za koga; (od)služiti (kazen); opravljati učno dobo; postreči, oskrbeti (with z); servirati (jed); sport servirati (žogo); zadostovati (komu), zadovoljiti (potrebe); ustrezati (namenu); prav priti; colloquially ravnati s kom; privesti samca k samici
to serve one's apprenticeship — služiti svojo učno dobo
he has served us very badly — zelo slabo je ravnal z nami
to serve one's country — služiti domovini
to serve the devil — služiti satanu
dinner is served — večerja je na mizi
there is enough to serve five people — tega je dovolj za pet ljudi
that excuse will serve you — to opravičilo ti bo prav prišlo (ti bo koristilo)
I am glad to serve you (in this occurrence) — veseli me, da sem vam lahko na uslugo (da vam lahko pomagam) (ob tej priliki)
to serve a gun military streči topu
if my memory serves me right — če se prav spominjam
serves you right! — prav ti je!, zaslužil si to!
they served him right — ravnali so z njim, kot je zaslužil
it does not serve my needs — to ne ustreza mojim potrebam
a man cannot serve two masters — človek ne more služiti dvema gospodarjema
this priest serves two parishes — ta duhovnik upravlja dve župniji
one pound serves us for three days — en funt nam zadostuje za tri dni
that will serve the purpose — to bo ustrezalo (namenu)
to serve a rope — zvezati konec (spletene) vrvi z vrvico, da se prepreči odmotavanje
to serve s.o. with the same sauce, to serve s.o. in his kind (in his coin) — plačati, vrniti komu milo za drago
to serve one's sentence — presta(ja)ti svojo kazen
to serve the time — prilagoditi se času
to serve one's time — služiti leta do upokojitve; služiti svoj rok v vojski; prestajati svojo kazen v zaporu
to serve the town with electric light — oskrbovati mesto z električno razsvetljavo
to serve s.o. a (nasty) trick — (grdó) zagosti jo komu
to serve s.o. a turn — napraviti komu uslugo
that will serve his turn — to bo nekaj zanj, ta mu bo ustrezalo
first come, first served — kdor prej pride, prej melje;
intransitive verb
služiti, biti v službi; military služiti v vojski; streči, servirati; ustrezati, zadostovati; koristiti, biti koristen (primeren); napraviti uslugo, pomagati; opravljati funkcijo, fungirati (kot); ecclesiastic ministrirati, biti ministrant
as occasion serves — ob primerni priložnosti, če se bo ponudila (ugodna) priložnost
to serve in the army — služiti v vojski
to serve at table — streči pri mizi
to serve as an example — služiti za zgled
he serves rather badly(tennis) on zelo slabo servira
to serve on a jury — fungirati kot porotnik
to serve as a mayor — biti župan; opravljati funkcijo župana
to serve with cold meat — postreči s hladnim narezkom
this string may serve later on — ta vrvica utegne pozneje prav priti
it will serve — bo ustrezalo (prav prišlo, zadostovalo)
while the time serves — dokler je še čas (prilika);

English-Slovenian dictionary. 2013.


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